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Andrew Holland death cover-up


I have just watched the video that the Holland Family put together chronicling Andrew Holland's life and death in the SLO County Jail.

It is wrenching to watch how a human being was treated by so many so-called "professionals." It would be illegal to treat an animal this way. Yes, it is painful to watch, but what about Andrew, who went through it all?

I see many "re-elect Ian Parkinson for SLO County sheriff" signs up in Atascadero, and I can't believe these folks have the full story of the environment at the jail and what led up to Andrew's painful death. I did not know all the facts myself.

Yes, the county settled with the family for $5 million, but what does a life cost? The sheriff and everyone at the jail—and there were many—who were incompetent, heedless, and cavalier when an inmate was gasping for air, should also take responsibility and have consequences for Andrew's suffering and other deaths at the jail.

Lee Perkins


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