Anti-nudity ordinance for Mardi Gras only


Breast-wielding coeds are free to flash fragrantly now that the city of San Luis Obispo has put the anti-nudity ordinance to bed - until Mardi Gras next year, that is.

On Aug. 16 the City Council decided to keep the anti-nudity ordinance but only apply it during Mardi Gras. The law allows police to fine flashers $100 for exposing themselves.

"It just whips up the crowd," said SLO Police Chief Deborah Linden.

Linden said the anti-nudity ordinance, as a preventive measure, had a significant impact on keeping unruly crowds at bay. In 2005 officers reported only a single incident of flashing, and no tickets were issued.

The anti-nudity ordinance goes into effect the Thursday before Fat Tuesday and ends the Wednesday following the weekend after Fat Tuesday. The City Council reserved the right to reinstate the ordinance for other events as the need arises.

According to Linden there is no other nudity ordinance on the books. Citizens are free to expose themselves during the rest of the year if there is no sexual or lewd intent.


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