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Antifa is a hate group, too


Thank you to Kathy Riedmann ("I stand by my opinion," Sept. 21) for illustrating that there are many reasons why "socially liberal Democrats" don't want to hear any other speech but speech that agrees with them.

By supporting and condoning the violence and property destruction and suppression of free speech at the hands of "Antifa" she is in fact supporting fascism. In her "opinion" she quoted Patrick McGrath—"Fascism does not arise from rational argument to sustain its followers. Fascists are deaf to reason. They sneer at reasonable argument. This is why the Antifa use violence against them. They see it as the only means, as a last resort." It's the perfect description of "Antifa."

Apparently Kathy supports this hate group. She thinks it's OK for them. And, lastly, parroting misinformation gotten from corrupted media sites is not wise, it's not cute, and it's not cool! Left wing mobs are not decent human beings! They are part of the problem, and nowhere near the solution—except in Kathy and her fellow "proud liberal" Democrats' "opinions." Yes, I agree with Kathy that we should deny hate groups permits to rally—all hate groups, including Antifa, the violent fascist group. It's only appropriate and fair after all, right Kathy?

Wayne Lockwood

Paso Robles

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