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Anything goes at Social Services



In Matt Fountain’s article “Aid to poor cut” (May 20), Lee Collins [SLO County Director of Social Services] is quoted as saying about the state budget cuts, “They’re willing to yank away the walkers and canes of the old, but not the golf clubs of the wealthy. Where’s the shared sacrifice?” Collins should cut the crap. He should allocate his budget more wisely.

My spouse worked for the Child Welfare Services: free everything for everybody. Collins’ Social Services enables bad behavior and poor choices by unproductive people, using taxpayer dollars. Social Services can hide the handouts and the abuse of taxpayer dollars because social workers must abide by strict confidentiality rules. This is an unwritten rule: Social workers are never to question the income clients claim. People evicted from Section 8 housing because they destroyed it don’t need to worry; Social Services will help them find a new place. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Attention, taxpayers: The cost of social service programs has made you steerage passengers on the Titanic that is California.

K. Crockett


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