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Applause to county staff for the Phillips 66 project



The unsung heroes of the Phillips 66 rail terminal application are the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission staffers, headed by project lead Ryan Hostetter. Across multiple environmental impact reports and years of testimony, they juggled ongoing demands, orders, and requests from all sides. Yet, they handled it all with incredible professionalism.

They were always responsive to repeated calls and emails for details about "process." During the hearings, they were extraordinarily prepared; masterful with the intricate research and data; fully credible; communicated clearly; and were always respectful, regardless of detailed and/or puzzling queries.

The pressure placed on them from all three sides (Phillips 66, opponents, and commissioners/supervisors) was intense. Hundreds of times, they were put on the spot to immediately provide the correct data or insights regarding mind-bending issues. But they were always up to the task.

That staff served the county and public extremely well. These unsung public servants deserve our deepest thanks.

-- Martin Akel - Mesa Refinery Watch Group

-- Martin Akel - Mesa Refinery Watch Group

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