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Are undercover police trying to entrap concertgoers?

San Miguel



This is truly ridiculous. I have to tell you of an experience I had at the mission plaza in San Luis Obispo last Friday evening at the free concert. I was standing in the crowd when I was approached by a woman whom I did not know or recognize. She acted as though she knew me. A false familiarity pervaded her speech. But I could not locate her in my memory bank. I was puzzled and straining my poor memory for a clue. After a few moments of her inane chit chat, she asked me pointedly if I had any drugs—shocking, to say the least! No one had ever asked me if I had drugs, let alone a stranger whom I had never seen before.

I watched her as she walked away. She went over to a male who looked to be her friend. He was standing nearby in the crowd and I watched them as they conversed. I went back to minding my own business, when it occurred to me that this woman was probably an undercover cop—and that her male friend was also an undercover cop. It just had to be an undercover operation, because no one I know would be so stupid as to ask a perfect stranger if they had any drugs. Personally, I feel rather insulted by this kind of behavior; strangers asking me if I have drugs. If I could prove they were indeed undercover, I would seek an apology. What a shameful use of police resources.

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