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Are we Spain? Greece? Or are we America?

Morro Bay



I pray that I am not alone. That out there are hundreds, thousands, no millions who are fed up with Washington and the dysfunction the politicians find themselves in. When a non-elected private person can control virtually 95 percent of the Right and probably a like number on the Left to prohibit any complementary increase in revenue along with a vastly larger number of cuts to our national budget, the “jig is up.” I am talking about Grover Nordquist and all our members of Congress, both houses and both sides.

Listening to Charlie Rose recently interviewing Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, I had an epiphany. Our biggest problem in solving our debt crisis is re-election—and of course all the special interests, like AARP and tort lawyers and Big Oil and, well, you name it.

But if we don’t take drastic action, we will end up in the streets—and not just the Tea Partiers and 99 Percenters. All of us. How will we stand for trillion-dollar cuts? Arbitrarily? What will we say to our children, “We just couldn’t do it. Sorry!”?

We need our elected officials to come together and both cut spending and revise our tax code. Cut out all deduction. Allow perhaps for tax credits on home mortgages of $500,000 or less. Get Social Security and Medicare on a stable track. Raise the retirement age. If you cannot afford to retire, usually you don’t want to. And if you can afford to retire, is this a great country or what? You get less Social Security, and you pay for part of your Medicare.

When I saw the riots in Spain—a country I love, a country I worked in, employing hundreds—and then listening to Simpson and Bowles, and then hearing that the deficit Spain is projecting for next year is about the same as in our 2013 budget, the light came on. I don’t want to be Spain. I want to be and live in my home, America.

So Rep. Capps and Sens. Boxer and Feinstein, listen. If you do not raise your voices in favor of implementing the bi-partisan Simpson Bowles plan, watch out. The American people want action, straight talk, and a coming together of our politicians. Otherwise, we will increase the employment opportunities for 537 positions!

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