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Aren't we at risk?

San Luis Obispo



On Saturday, Oct. 20, at midnight, I put on my shoes and coat and prepared to run inland as a 5.3 earthquake shook my hotel room on Morro Bay.

I was prepared for a Juan De Fuca Tectonic Plate rupture, which could happen any day in the coming decade. Massive upheavals in the plates off our coast will cause tsunamis to crash into our beaches and coastline—and Diablo Canyon. The silence about this tsunami risk has been deafening.

In Vancouver, B.C., city fathers abandoned the "What, me worry?" stance and paid for a computer simulated demonstration of a direct tsunami hit on their harbor. The data resulted in an early warning system, an evacuation plan, and new building codes for the harbors. They didn't kill a single thing to get the necessary data.

Will we ever get humane accountability for the safety of seven million people on the Central Coast and our marine life from the stockholders of PG&E? Why do we guarantee their profits year after year if we are the "risk" they are "taking" to do their business here?

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