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Arroyo Grande's mayor should apologize


Disappointment doesn’t begin to describe what we’re feeling with respect to the weak public statements by public officials following the burning of a cross on the front lawn of a family in Arroyo Grande.

Mayor Tony Ferrara’s expression of concern that the incident not be portrayed as a hate crime by the press showed no empathy for the victims and a stunning lack of courage and leadership. There is a universal association in our country between crosses burned on the front lawns of homes in which African Americans live and racial hatred.

Regardless of Mayor Ferrara’s apparent effort to downplay the presence of racial hatred in our community, the least he could have done to avoid re-victimizing the victims was to publicly denounce the crime in the strongest possible terms. It’s not too late for Tony Ferrara to make amends for his insensitivity by issuing a public apology.


Walter Heath, Morro Bay

Ron Sampson, Cambria

Pat Harris, San Luis Obispo

Susan Stenovec, San Luis Obispo

Marilyn Armstrong, San Luis Obispo

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