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Art of Jose Arevelo featured at Nautical Bean



Do you ever feel like Dia de los Muertos gets shortchanged with only one measly day out of the whole year? Well now you can get your fill of the celebration of the living dead all month long at Nautical Bean Bistro & Coffee House in San Luis Obispo.

Jose Arevelo of Nipomo is the coffee shop’s featured artist for the entire month of November. His Dia de los Muertos inspired pieces currently adorn the walls of one of the city’s favorite coffee shops. 

Grab a pumpkin chocolate muffin and a black and white mocha while you take in pieces like Fantasma De Oro, an acrylic work that depicts a striking emaciated skeleton face with a flowing feather headband adorned with a tiny skeleton head. 

Then there’s Temptation of a Black Widow, a mixed media piece that shows a scandalous figure of a lovely brunette lady hiding behind a fan, as the fabric of her skirt hangs off the canvas.

All five of Arevelo’s pieces currently showing now through Nov. 31 are available for sale. Stop by Nautical Bean to inquire about pricing.

Want to see more of Arevelo’s work? Follow him on Instagram at @cheif_1.

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