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Ask yourself whether PG&E puts safety ahead of profits

Paso Robles



In response to growing concerns over the safety of nuclear power plants, the NRC recently announced that U.S. nuclear power plants are safe. Do you feel safe? After Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster, it is painfully obvious that nuclear plants are only as safe as the companies that run them.

Ask yourself if PG&E has proven itself to be a company that puts safety ahead of profits. Are they worthy of the public trust? Ask the residents of Hinckley and San Bruno what they think about PG&E's safety record. In Hinckley 20 years later toxic plumes still seep into groundwater systems that PG&E determined were safe from any further contamination. In San Bruno, PG&E still can't find gas line safety records for 8 percent of the gas lines that blew a neighborhood sky high. Even the pro-nuclear NRC has cited  PG&E six times in the past nine months for safety violations (“Devil’s in the details,” March 24)! One violation was for operating for 19 months with disabled emergency systems, another for problems with several emergency diesel generators and air compressor lines that hadn't even been tested to see if they would work in an earthquake!

And if that isn't troubling enough, independent studies, done by the USGS, show that fault lines near the plant are much more extensive than PG&E reports.

Maybe the question should be, "Do you feel lucky?"

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