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At least we have discourse


I believe that I have found a positive consequence of the Bush victory. Of course nothing can outweigh the obvious damage and destruction that our nation and the world will have to face in the coming years as a consequence of said victory, but I do believe that I have found a positive. I am thinking about the coming heightened discourse between believers and non-believers, which indeed has already begun.

For example, a recent article in the LA Times discussing the issue of how to represent to youngsters Darwinian evolution vs. creationism has brought about a flurry of interesting letters to the editor on the subject, which if we pay attention must lead us willy-nilly to a healthy reflection and debate as to what is meant by the terms we use. The possible meaning, if any, of such words as “theory,� “fact,� etc., to say nothing of the word “god,� are bound to come under the gun, to the enrichment of us all. Go for it, people.


Lester Goldfisher

Grover Beach

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