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Atascadero leaders need to understand what they have

Tea Trolley owner, Atascadero



With regard to the controversy surrounding the Patrick Klemz article on the city of Atascadero (“Wide-open spaces,” March 28): I think the writer did an excellent job with his research regarding the leadership of Atascadero.

Len Comamarino understands what it would take to make the downtown more viable. Have a conversation with him. I did when he was running for city council; he is extremely knowledgeable!

Mark Jensen also wrote an excellent article in the opinion section regarding the city leaders (“Say ‘no,’ get nothing,” April 4), but I would disagree that all they say is no. It appears they say yes too many times to appease certain special interests. An example would be the zone change that occurred in the downtown area before the recession hit.

I certainly have to agree with Christina Dillow (“We believe in Atascadero,” April 4); the businesses in downtown have always had a vision. Why would each of us have invested so much? The issue is the leaders of Atascadero have no vision. They have yet to understand the treasure they have in their core downtown and build on it.

It was not long ago a consulting company informed the city that the signage throughout the city has a negative effect, especially on tourism, and that their sign ordinance should be enforced. To this point, it might be enforced if someone complains. Really? Are the city leaders without pride and do they also not know what violates their ordinance? But it was noted that bullying ensued regarding the Artery and its mural that appeared to be legal anyway!

Atascadero is a wonderful; the residents deserve a vibrant downtown.

As a downtown business, we will always have a vision, but when it no longer exists, we will close our doors.

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