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Attack the person, not the issue


First, thank you, New Times, for printing my letter, "I will not miss Steve." (May 12-19.) Now kindly allow me to respond to invective being slung at me by Ms. Titsworth and Mr. Steed ("What if your loved one died?", "Mr. Kobara must have brain damage," Letters, May 19-26):

You obviously don't understand that being abusive only galvanizes resistance. No, I will not "shut up." Ms. Titsworth wrote that Mr. Erikat and I "ought to have a little fucking respect (for Steve Moss)." She won't get it by being profane and shamelessly wishing for harm to loved ones.

Mr. Steed also attacks me in a very personal way. Again, no one will convince me by being nasty. What have I done for the community? I was a Caring Caller for 15 years, and for the last 13 years have bought hundreds of books and donated them free to needy schools. Unlike Steve, I wasn't paid for doing either.

I would encourage both of you to attack the issue and not the person. If you disagree, be polite about it. I never called Mr. Moss names nor slung profanity his way. As for New Times, I can take it or leave it.


Steve T. Kobara

San Luis Obispo

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