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Ax the Shredder




Your column, “The Shredder,” should be terminated. It may have been fine when Steve Moss first started it, but no more. I am not a journalist, but newspapers have an obligation to clearly and accurately cover the news and to indicate who wrote it.

I send in commentaries on a variety of subjects (e.g. dunes, aging), but they are seldom printed. The recent Shredder (“Exciting and new,” June 5) mentioned my population concern. I sent in a commentary on the subject titled “Non-Mothers Day” (June 1) but it was not published.

The recent Shredder covers my recent nature hike with second graders into the dunes. The Shredder was not there, thus actually knows nothing about the event. I wrote a commentary about it, but it was not published.

The recent Shredder mentions taking walking sticks into the dunes. I never permit sticks in the dunes, particularly when kids jump off the dunes—they are deadly. Terminate “The Shredder” ASAP.

Editor’s note: See the aforementioned commentary by Bill Denneen on page 19, as well as the Shredder’s take on page 23.

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