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Back Kelly and Ochylski

Los Osos



The upcoming Los Osos Community Services District election is basically a continued fight for or against the county plan for a sewer. We are tired of voting for Proposition 218 assessments and trying to get grants just to see our tax money go up in smoke and have nothing but excuses in exchange. This is why your CSD vote counts so much this time.

I cannot encourage all voters enough to study the candidates closely and ask the questions: What does this person really want and plan to do for Los Osos? Who is backing the person? Yard signs are worth a thousand words when it comes to answering these questions. Are they on the property of a sewer opponent?

We, in our family, support Maria Kelly and Marshall Ochylski. Kelly will be at the Los Osos/Baywood Park Farmers’ Market on Mondays and is willing to listen to all points of view. Ochylski and his family have lived in Los Osos for 30 years. He is a land use attorney and was key in the success of the Audubon Society to access the eight precious acres donated by the Donegan family to Sweet Springs.

You may not attend CSD meetings, or even watch them on TV a little like the people in High Noon, we are letting others make our decisions, spend our tax dollars, and run our town. Please don’t throw up your hands in despair. Don’t stay home on Election Day.

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