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Back to the drawing board for Paso

San Luis Obsipo



The audacity of Paso Robles voters!  They exercised their right to reject another local fee increase, this time to pay for water improvements. Now the city will have to figure out how to pay the bill from their existing revenues or how to stick it to the users (people in Paso Robles who drink water) in another form. The voter turnout was double what would be expected in a special election. It was not a case of voter apathy.

Maybe elected officials, public staff, and newspaper editors and contributors should read a little early American history. As I recall, we fought a war against an unresponsive big government that taxed us puny little colonials too much (note: the colonials won). History has a tendency to repeat itself. You may want to ask whose side you are on, and why, before passing harsh judgment on local voters.

-- Leslie Halls - San Luis Obispo

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