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Bad genes suspected

Avila Beach  



Thanks to M. Power Giacoletti for a well-written letter (“Paso Robles fireworks waste money,” June 25). Gene 6 or 13 has definitely run amok by the looks of most of the current news in our world. Close a clinic that nurtures new life at its most vulnerable time, while two County officials collect almost $200 per hour to create more problems. Gene 6 and 13 have both been hard at work in the SLO County building department and Board of Supervisors for years. How about instead of spending $280,000 to put mosquito control on a ballot, devoting the money to help Dan DeVaul help others in our community? Did I say almost $200 per hour? Please keep us posted as to any gene therapies available to deal with the number 6 and/or number 13 dysfunction.

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