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Be a beer polygamist


How much craft beer can you handle? If you live in SLO County, the answer is probably, "a whole heck of a lot." Next year is right around the corner! It's time to venture out and try something new, shake things up, and see what taps are talking to you. It's not like you're married to that one favorite craft brewery, right? Santa Maria Brewing Co. just opened shop in downtown Paso Robles, and—chances are—you're planning on doing some holiday shopping around those parts anyway. Don't screw this up and miss the chance to discover your next fave. Squeeze in a tasting at this casual hangout, which also serves up massive, delicious burgers (tip: get breakfast burritos each Sunday through football season). Along with a big ole basket of fries, start with the double eagle American honey blonde and work your way toward the heavier stuff like the popular Exhumation IPA or B410 Double IPA. Because one day we'll all look back at the mid-to-late 2000s and say, "Wow! What an era for craft beer in SLO County! What a time to be alive!" Don't disappoint your grandkids by telling them you stuck to the same old beer, season after season.

1401 Park St., Paso Robles; (805) 922-2225; Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain cannot be true to just one brew. She can be reached at

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