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Be smart; be quiet

San Luis Obispo



In response to Mr. Garske’s letter (“Resign, Mr. President,” May 7) calling for President Obama’s resignation: Huh? He talks about being a “World War II veteran with many years of living in all matters.”  Exactly what the heck does that mean? The guy has been in office for 100 days under incredibly difficult circumstances, some of which are the direct result of the previous administration. While I don’t agree with everything he has done, I think overall he’s done a remarkable job in a short amount of time and actually healed many wounds that had been festering with our allies and other critical governments throughout the world.  And he’s tackled some huge domestic problems with enthusiasm, optimism, and a can-do philosophy that has most Americans feeling more confident about the future.

Rudy Giuliani vs. the porno business in Santa Maria, again huh?  As my dad used to say, who also was a World War II veteran, sometimes it’s best to stay silent and have people wonder if you’re really brilliant than to speak up and remove all doubt.

-- Dixon Moore - San Luis Obispo

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