Beach warning signs to be posted



Public Works Director Dennis Delzeit said the city of Pismo Beach will install four of the county's 20 new permanent beach health advisory signs by June 22.

Signs in Pismo Beach will be located at the end of Park Street, south of the Pier Plaza, by the volleyball courts at the Wadsworth staircase, and at the Silver Shoals street access.

The signs will be made of metal and mounted on existing buried, wooden posts. The health advisories will be in both English and Spanish.

As for the remaining 16 signs, Rich Lichtenfels, the County Supervising Enivronmental Health Specialist, said county officials haven't yet decided their locations but he believes they will be placed in the most popular surf spots from San Simeon to Oceano in about a month.

For the time being, those questioning local water quality can contact the county hotline at 788-3411 for the weekly ocean health advisory status.


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