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Bears should be protected

Los Osos



I wrote to Eric Loft, who’s chief of the California Department of Fish and Game, to protest the proposal to expand bear hunting in California. Bears are part of California’s history and we proudly display a bear on our flag. However, bears have never been treated with the respect they deserve. They were used for brutal bull fighting. They have also been hunted just for the enjoyment of killing, merely to give hunters bragging rights and a bear head to put on the wall. It is time to stop the killing.

 I am outraged by the proposal. Does the department need the money that would result from sacrificing some animals to help others? Imagine the word “bear” replaced by “puppy” and how cruel bear hunting is would be clear. Unfortunately, this state does not grant wild animals the same protection as pets. Cruelty to animals should not be what California stands for.

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