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Beer pong and chill



Woodstock's Pizza and San Luis Obispo just go together, like leftover crust and ranch dressing or gum alley and obnoxious selfies! Bet you didn't know SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon once wore an apron and hand tossed that signature folded-over dough? That addictive cinnabread? Created by a Cal Poly student, as are so many of the restaurant's unique flavor combos. Owners Jeff and Laura Ambrose have built a Woodstock's Pizza empire that's flourished in California college towns for 30-plus years. Now, SLO's iconic Higuera Street pizza joint will expand to the space next door on Osos Street. Coming soon, expect 24 beer taps, including kombucha and cold draft coffee; games like Jenga and beer pong; a fireplace; expanded arcade; more bottled beer selections; plus walls covered in images of Bishop Peak, skateboards, and other SLO-approved "flair." The indoor-outdoor space is supposed to feel like a backyard, even though it'll be entirely enclosed. Sounds crazy, but hey, they actually got me to like stuff like cilantro and zucchini on my pizza. Who knows! This new pizza wonderland might even entice me to stay inside on the balmiest summer day. Who needs vitamin D when you've got vitamin P?!

Woodstock's Pizza is located at 1000 Higuera St. in SLO. For more information and updates, go to Δ

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