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Bernie Sanders supporters: Harmon is your candidate



I want to endorse and urge support and votes for Heidi Harmon as mayor of San Luis Obispo. Jan Marx has been mayor for a long time—too long. She has proven herself to be in the hip pocket of big money interests here. She has supported and pushed ordinances against the homeless in various ways and has helped lead the way for harassment of the homeless downtown and elsewhere. She is and has been the darling of wealthy developers for many years. Some years ago, Marx supported and pushed cutting the pay of city workers by 10 percent, a move that really hurt city workers and put the burden of budget problems onto them. It is way past time for Marx to move on.

Heidi Harmon is an honest progressive who has defended progressive values in our city and area for many years in a leading capacity. I believe she has the kind of worldview and basic philosophy, along with real experience in organizing and leading grass roots movements, to be a very welcome and needed breath of fresh air on the City Council and in the office of SLO mayor. She will have a struggle on her hands with city bureaucrats and relatively conservative local politicians, but she knows how to mobilize people movement-style and understands the necessity of doing so to put pressure on the system. Heidi Harmon should become mayor of San Luis Obispo.

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obipso

-- Jim Griffin - SLO

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