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Bicyclists need to generate road money, too


Looks like motorists in California have been snookered again. When the state Legislature passed SB 1 (the gas tax increase), it was sold to us as money that was going to be used to repair our crumbling roads and bridges. Well it is no surprise that that money is now going to build bike paths. At least two projects in the area are getting SB 1 money for that purpose.

It got me to thinking. If motorists are being taxed to pay for road and bridge repairs, why shouldn't we tax bicyclists to generate money to pay for bike-riding improvements. Seems like a simple answer to the problem to me. The state could charge some small registration fee for each bike and use that money for bike-related improvements. Even though there are a lot less bike riders than motorists, bike riders are really pushing for more bike lanes. You would think that they would be willing to chip in for their own safety.

Bill Bright


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