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Biden's nuclear bailout is a tragedy



The American Jobs Plan is a historic opportunity to generate millions of head of household jobs, build a clean energy economy, and fight the disastrous effects of climate change.

It should be obvious to all that the climate crisis is real and growing globally, affecting everything from recurring drought, wildfires, floods, ocean warming, rising sea levels, and the extinction of thousands of species. The human species is among those threatened.

The White House, however, has taken a huge and unacceptable step backward in adding a nuclear bailout to this plan. It is proposing to subsidize antiquated, dangerous, and dirty nuclear reactors to the tune of $50 billion to $100 billion of taxpayer money to boost a dying technology. This money would be better spent on the transformation of our energy system.

Every day that these reactors operate, they leave us and our progeny with thousands of tons of high-level radioactive waste with nowhere safe to store it for the hundreds of thousand of years that it remains lethal. The White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council has concluded that nuclear power is not beneficial to environmental justice communities that are on the frontlines of radioactive exposure, contamination, and environmental degradation across the entire nuclear fuel chain and radioactive waste streams.

The American Jobs Plan is a chance for a future of carbon-free, nuclear-free development serving to power this country, but bailing out the nuclear industry instead of holding it responsible would not only be a mistake but a tragedy.

Take action by telling President Biden and our congressional representatives to keep nuclear bailouts out of the American Jobs Plan. Call or email them now.

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