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Big Oil, Big Lies


I just received a letter from the No on Measure G coalition, funded by Chevron, urging voters to allow further expansion of oil well development in San Luis Obispo County. The letter opens with the false statement, "This costly ballot initiative would shut down existing oil and gas production in our county." Since the full text of ballot Measure G can be viewed on the county website, it takes only seconds to expose this first lie. The measure's opening paragraph clearly states that existing wells and oil extraction will be allowed to continue.

The letter then uses unsubstantiated and inflated numbers to claim tax revenue and job losses if the measure passes. Next comes the claim that without SLO oil, we will be supporting foreign countries with horrible human rights records by buying their oil. They neglected to say that the oil here is so toxic, it is only sold on the world market; far too dirty for U.S. standards, it's only used where human rights are not protected.

Please inform yourselves. Read Ballot Measure G and vote yes in November to protect our water, our air, our land, and our health.

Dave Hudson

San Luis Obispo

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