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Big oil vs. SLO


The citizens of San Luis Obispo County are being subjected to a multimillion dollar propaganda campaign based on lies. Its focus is Measure G, the citizens' initiative to ban new oil wells and prevent fracking. The big lie is that Measure G will shut down existing oil production in SLO county. The fact is that Measure G was written to clearly and specifically protect existing oil production and maintenance operations and to only ban new oil wells. How do I know this? Because it is in black and white in sections B.8.a and C.9.a of the measure. I also helped to write it.

The No on G propaganda machine is spewing gushers of dirty, crude lies, most all of them derived from the big one—like Measure G will put hundreds out of work, millions in taxes will be lost, teachers and cops fired, etc. Hey wait! There is no shutdown of existing oil production, thus no jobs or taxes lost. People are blown away by the audacity of these lies. How can they get away with it? Well, they are Big Oil and they either bully or bribe you—and we are being digitally bullied folks.

Big Oil has never been known for telling the truth. Exxon and the American Petroleum Institute's own scientists reported decades ago that the continued dumping of greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere could have major impacts on our climate. They covered up those studies and instead developed a fake news program denying any connection between fossil fuels and global warming or climate change.

Why would Big Oil spend almost

$6 million against Measure G unless they had big plans for our county? Does anyone think Chevron and Exxon actually care about us, our health, our water, our economy? They are repeatedly lying to your face with a brainwashing media tsunami of slick ads, mailers, and videos.

Are you offended, outraged, angry at this clear intent to deceive and manipulate? You should be. Their boldfaced lies and arrogance demonstrate for all to see an utter lack of integrity or trustworthiness.

Measure G is here because 20,473 locals put it on the ballot. It is here because we want to protect our precious water resources; we want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; we want to help slow down global climate change; we want a healthy San Luis Obispo County for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren. If you share these values, then please vote yes on G.

Charles Varni


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