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Blame birds, not trees

Los Osos



The Audubon Society folks want to remove the towering eucalyptus trees at Sweet Springs. In last week’s opinion section, Jan Surbey of the Morro Coast Audubon Society calls upon us to “put the needs of endangered species (the Morro shoulderband snail) above our personal preferences.” (“Put endangered species above personal preferences,” Nov. 10).

If the society board studied the plan for Los Osos habitat conservation, they might be shocked to learn that local birds snack on those treasured snails. If the society really wishes to advance snail well-being, they need to reconsider their attachment to birds. Perhaps they should remove those avian, snail-gobbling predators and not the trees. Or better, the board should drop the pretense that its actions are somehow justified by snail concerns and work with the community to resolve legitimate reservations about the tree-removal plan.

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