Blues will play 2009 season despite troubles



Can the San Luis Obispo Blues pull off another comeback?

Steve McPherson, briefly the baseball team’s owner, was arrested in early January on suspicions stemming from bad checks written in San Luis Obispo. It turned out he was also wanted on suspicion of probation violations in Nevada related to bad checks in a previous sports enterprise.

Still, the team had a good year on the field.

Now previous owner Joe Vergara—a Jamba Juice founder—says he’s taking the team back, under a new ownership group that includes Coach Chal Fanning, General Manager Mike Lara, and local attorney Dan McGee.

“We will have a season,” Vergara said.

Vergara explained that the team will run profitably and play California Collegiate League teams, although likely as an “affiliate.” He said he’s determined to be a hands-on owner in his efforts to repair potential damage to the team’s reputation. Focus, he noted, will return to family activities at games.

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