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Boots and barrels



Offloading: This April 6 marks the Creston Wine Trail's First Friday event, uncorking this month at August Ridge Winery in Templeton (grab a case special on the winery's popular Rocco's Red and learn about the county's more rural, lesser-spotlighted tasting rooms; they deserve your attention, too). For more information, go to ... Margarita Adventures in Santa Margarita isn't just the place to zip through the air on a host of high-flying ziplines (before or after wine tasting at Ancient Peaks tasting room, of course). You may also see fossils hidden within the soil, gopher snakes, and even a rare albino deer (no joke—one was spotted recently, according to winery staff). Go to for booking and info ... Born to Rhone? Hospice du Rhone unfolds in Paso Robles this April 26 through 28 with in-depth classes, tastings, panels, and more (per usual, all events are dedicated to promoting and enjoying fabulous Rhone varietals). Want tickets? Go to for all the deets. Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain brings her own straw. Send bites to

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