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Both parties are a problem, and I'm proud to support homosexuals

San Luis Obispo



Letter writer Ken Goodman (“Who’s the bigot?” June 30) attempts to lump me in with Otis Page as a bigot. Um, really?

Otis was gratuitous (as he always is) by naming Barney Frank as a homosexual when Frank’s sexual preference had nothing to do with the point of Page’s letter (“Democrats—and the nation—are damaged,” June 16). Except, that is, unless Page was lumping homosexuality in with the myriad of other “scandals” cited in his letter.

I made no defense whatsoever (“What difference does Frank’s sexuality make?” June 23) of the Democrats named in Page’s original letter. I merely pointed out that Otis had picked on the Democrats while many, many Republicans have similar and worse scandals under their belts (and sometimes inside their belts).

But for the record, I think Weiner’s resignation was unnecessary.

Just to clarify, I am a registered Independent as I see both parties as part of the problem in this country.

As for being a homosexual sympathizer? Yes I am, and proud of it. Why aren’t you, Ken?

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