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Brah! Have you tried Brosé?


Are you sick of me talking about trendy, picture-ready rosé yet? Before you skip over this blurb and assign it to the "millennials are ruining everything" bin, consider this. Brosé! Yes, beer-freaking-rosé (because millennials indeed are ruining everything and nothing is sacred). Silva Brewing in Paso Robles has created its own trend-setting sparkling rosé beer and—yeah—it's a blush-colored beaut! This light pink beer was made possible by locally sourced Grenache grapes courtesy of Denner Vineyards in Paso Robles. "The Pink Stuff" is the 19th beer release from brewer Chuck Silva's wild brain in little more than 18 months of operating the new brewhouse (someone stop him; he's obviously a mad man). But how is this freak of nature made, you ask? Well, it has nothing to do with unicorns, although it kinda sounds like it would, right? The juice is co-fermented with a kettle sour ale in French oak barrels that previously housed white wine using a French saison yeast strain. A separate cinsault grape and black currant co-fermentation adds a touch more color and fruit character to the finished blend, which features strawberry, watermelon, and raspberry notes (OK, yum). The beer is finished with champagne yeast for lively conditioning creating an effervescent light-pink head that fades into a salmon-colored beverage. Some might say it's "refreshingly fruity and slightly tart with a dry, spritzy finish." I say it's what my millennial dreams are made of.

A limited supply of The Pink Stuff is available for purchase in cork-finished 510-milliliter Italian-sourced Tosca bottles at the Silva Brewing tasting room, located at 525 Pine St., Suite B, in downtown Paso Robles. Δ

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