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Bravo, Ron


Mr. Crawford, I enjoyed your article in the New Times about the Los Osos Sewer project — very well researched and written!

As I started reading I just assumed it was a Daniel Blackburn article (my favorite New Times journalist). But when I read your line about “(sound of pool balls breaking),� I thought, “That’s even better than usual,� and I looked at the byline and saw your name for the first time. So I guess Dan will have to up the brainpower if he wants to keep his place!

I hope I’m wrong about this, but I suspect the main purpose of the sewer plant project is not to provide sewer service but to serve as a barrier to local protest against the ultimate carpeting of every square foot of ground in a 10-mile radius with subdivisions and strip malls.

Normally the Los Osos locals would prevent such development, but the sewer project has every household paying $150 per month — which gives authorities some power over voters for future development. They’ll be able to say, “We’re sorry it hurts so much to pay that $150 per month — would you like your bill to be reduced? Just look the other way while we approve this new 1,300-unit apartment complex, and your sewer bill will go down by $30 per month!�

Nothing beats money for changing hearts and minds of voters … . Keep sending those articles to New Times! 

Herbert L. Kyzer, CPA

San Luis Obispo

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