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Break the mold

Arroyo Grande



For those eager to do something new and exciting this New Year’s Eve, I have some suggestions.

Hike to a mountain top, have a picnic dinner, and watch the city lights (take bright flashlights and dress warmly).

Invite friends for a pot luck meal and ask each to bring an ethnic dish representing their heritage. At midnight, ask each to sing a related national anthem.

Invite family members for a gathering to which each would bring their favorite humorous family story typed up, with enough copies for everyone, then staple the stories together to make a funny family book. Read the tales aloud at midnight.

Take your wife dancing. (When is the last time you danced?)

Get an hour night flight at the Oceano airport and bring in the New Year viewing beautiful city lights from the air.

Get two favorite comedy movies and bring in the New Year with laughter. Dress in styles of the era when the movies were made (for example, dress ’70s style for the Pink Panther series.  

Celebrations here can be as much fun or more than in New York

-- Helen Saulsbury - Arroyo Grande

-- Helen Saulsbury - Arroyo Grande

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