Brian Moore

Assistant manager and driver



NEW TIMES: How and when did you get into the towing business?
MOORE: I have been in towing since 1991. I was a mechanic in the military and I started a towing for the military.

NEW TIMES: What is a typical day like for you?
MOORE: Busy. We usually get at least a wreck a day. And usually two or three jump-starts a day and shuffle cars to different shops throughout the day. We also do transports for insurance companies.

NEW TIMES: What is the most difficult tow job you’ve done?
MOORE:I don’t see them as difficult, more as challenging. Vehicles that have been parked for an extended period of time out in a field or something, when you go to move them a lot of times Mother Nature has grown up inside. And freeway calls are challenging, because people don’t want to slow down for flashing lights.

NEW TIMES: Has a car ever fallen off a truck?
MOORE. Not on me, I've seen it happen to other folks. Usually they have safety chains for the cars on the truck. Everything we tow is safety chained.

NEW TIMES: What is the lamest excuse someone gave for needing a tow?
MOORE: That their car got drunk, or rather they got drunk. I would much rather people call us from a bar parking lot than have them drive their vehicles. Another one is a guy pulled up on the beach near Oceano—he was having problems with traction and he let all the air out of his tires to get off the beach. When he couldn’t get air in them in Grover his rims cut through his tires.

NEW TIMES: Have you ever been begged by someone not to tow their car?
MOORE: Usually at the car shows in Pismo everyone parks illegally. Customers have a million excuses for why we shouldn’t tow them. People get very upset over it. Park legally and you won’t have to worry.

NEW TIMES: Do you work on commission? Is there an incentive to tow more?
MOORE: I work on salary but the drivers under me work on commission. It helps at three in the morning to have an incentive to get up and tow a vehicle; otherwise it makes it kind of hard to get them out of bed to do the tow.

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