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Bring in the big birds, San Luis Obispo!

San Luis Obispo



Thank you for Robert McDonald’s article “Hello, big birds” (April 21). Having larger jet liners should help, not harm, San Luis. This recession will eventually end, and San Luis could serve more and bigger jets to more destinations by more airlines than before. I applaud the prospect of nonstop routes to Denver, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Dallas, Houston, and even Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland.

Mr. McDonald is right: A 125-seat jet is not a huge increase over today’s 86-seat CRJ900s, and CRJs generate only 80 decibels on takeoff. Old JT3C 707s and DC-8s produced 125 decibels, and with JT3D fanjets, 115 decibels. 727s and DC-10s generated  99 to 102 decibels, and 737-200s and TriStars produced only 95 decibels.

San Luis air travelers deserve the best. Old 30- to 50-seat prop-liners are growing obsolete, and the thrumming of their propellers creates noise and vibration for passengers. Larger jetliners will consume less fuel per passenger and keep fares from expanding too rapidly.

Boeing 737s and A319 Airbuses are fine airliners and should introduce new luxury to San Luis routes. Finally, 737-300s with CFM56 engines produce as little as 78 decibels.

-- Steve T. Kobara - San Luis Obispo

-- Steve T. Kobara - San Luis Obispo

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