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Bring injustice to light

San Luis Obispo



The story of the cross-burning in front of a black family’s home in Arroyo Grande in another local paper on March 19 was unbelievable. For Cmdr. Gerhart and Mayor Ferrara to call it a possible prank, that “there are a lot of things it could be right at this point” is distortion. Are they trying to sweep this hate crime under the rug?

Burning a cross in a front yard is a hate crime. A young black woman and her mother were traumatized to the point the girl left the area. That is wrong, and for the police and mayor to act so ignorant is absurd. Is someone trying to protect the people who did that crime? Something just doesn’t smell right.

There are many questions. Did this family recently move into a rental on that particular block? Are there skinheads or other hate groups in that neighborhood?

I pray for the perpetrators to be found, caught, and brought to justice. Homegrown terrorism comes from hate groups, so our officials must not try to hide this. There was a police report a month or so ago in another local paper that reported “trucks driving fast in Grover Beach with confederate flags.” Whose trucks are flying the confederate flag in Grover? Bring these people into the light for the sake of your community and to find justice for that family.

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