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Brush up on history, Mr. President

Santa Maria



President Obama’s speech in Cairo was very eloquently presented. It is a known fact that today there is no peace in the Middle East. But I did not read of the president indicating his knowledge of how Israel, in compliance with the U.S., evicted its own citizens from the Gaza strip and how instead of the community being stabilized, it is only a hotbed for Hamas. Hamas does not see the welfare of the people there as the first responsibility, but instead sees Gaza as a place to continually launch its rockets against Israeli citizens.

I do not know if our president understands history; that Jordan is indeed the true Palestinian state, but its government refuses citizenship to the displaced Palestinians in the refugee camps. Would our president also acknowledge the fact that, yes, years ago before the Islamic Revolution, Muslims prospered but today so many suffer because of the extreme ideological values of Iran’s president. Please, Mr. President, look at the issues fully. 

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