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Bullet train or water?



As the drought worsens, I wonder how committed our state politicians and law makers are to our health and well-being. If concerned as they say WE should be, then they should be doing some SERIOUS planning.

It seems to me that they aren’t focused on water or a drought that will not only affect California, but the rest of the country and some of the world as well, since California supplies food to those outside this state.

Law makers and politicians are focused on getting billions of dollars for a bullet train that most California tax payers don’t want because they get no benefit from it anyway.

Why can’t the money be spent on water, where it is needed more than for a political pet project?

During a good rain, we lose millions of gallons of rain water to storm drains and then the ocean. This water can be captured and treated for our use. Also, desalination plants can be built to convert sea water into usable water. It will cost money to do these things, but it can be allocated from the bullet train funds, or maybe some other less important project.

Water is the lifeblood of this state for both farmers and the rest of the population. Save us now while there’s still time. Provide water for the 40 million Californians instead of a bullet train for a few thousand.

State politicians and law makers: Please divert project money with questionable widespread benefits to water projects that will save lives, not just commute time.

-- Alan Eft - Orcutt

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