Butch Boswell, Owner, Butch's Guitar and Repair

570 Higuera St., Suite 160, San Luis Obispo


NEW TIMES: How did you get your start as a guitar repairman and craftsman?

BOSWELL: All of my life I’ve loved working with tools and crafting anything that came to mind, so much that I ended up going to Cal Poly and getting a degree in engineering. I’m incredibly fond of music as well, so the idea to fix up my guitars or others within this area naturally fit my need to create from a hands-on approach.


NEW TIMES: What’s a common repair for guitars?

BOSWELL: A common repair is a broken headstock. A headstock is the top of the guitar where the strings attach to the neck of the guitar. Another common repair is the bridge of the guitar, which can crack and become damaged over the years. However, we specialize in what we call “set ups”. That’s where we strive to make a guitar, whether it would be acoustic or electric, sound and play exactly how it’s supposed to play.


NEW TIMES: What are some tips for guitar upkeep?

BOSWELL: Keeping your guitar clean is a must. Your guitar will feel better in your hands and when your guitar is covered in dust or grime you can’t feel some of the damage that’s accumulated. A small scratch can grow into something more troublesome. Another suggestion is to make sure you keep your guitar, and sometimes even your case, humidified properly. Fortunately, in San Luis Obispo and throughout most of this county, we have a nice constant temperature and humidity level that won’t constantly warp your guitar, but in places like Paso Robles, you need to make sure that your guitar won’t be in danger of the dry, extreme temperatures.


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