Cal Poly club bans gay couples from event



Cal Poly officials are running damage control after members of the Los Lecheros Dairy Club posted an event notice on Facebook that openly prohibited gay couples from attending.

“So bring a date!! (If you bring a date it must be someone of the opposite sex),” the site read.

One Cal Poly student, an officer with the Dairy Club who was listed as creator of the event page, told New Times, “The event has been canceled, we have no further comment,” in a brief phone interview the morning after the event was posted.

By 9 p.m. on May 6 angry comments began clogging the page’s wall-post section.

“You guys are fucked up,” one poster said.

“I love dairy farm parties!!!! Can I bring a lesbian?” wrote another.

By 12 p.m. on May 7 the page had been taken down and said only that the event was canceled.

The event was set to draw as many as 150 people, with 33 confirmed guests before the page was shut down. Another person listed as an “admin” on the page said the event was “just a private party.”

“It’s not affiliated with the university, the club, nothing,” they said in a somber tone, asking not to be attributed.

However, the Diary Club in 2009 posted a Dairy Formal in 2009 listed as a “party” and “reunion.” The Facebook page for that event also listed Dairy Club officers as “admins.”

Cal Poly Media Team Leader Stacia Momburg said the event organizer, whom she believed was the incoming club president, told her the event was not associated with the club.

“This was, as far as we know, a private party off campus,” Momburg told New Times. The event location was listed only as “2293.” Momburg added, “We’re doing due diligence in terms of follow up with what the kids post and if it’s related to Cal Poly or not. … We’re kind of giving them the benefit the doubt.”

However, if the event is determined to be associated with the club, Momburg added, “The club could lose its charter.”

According to the Cal Poly Club Handbook, “Cal Poly Student Clubs shall not discriminate either in the content of bylaws or in practice against any person by reason of … sexual orientation.”

Dairy Club Faculty Advisor Ed Jaster, a professor in the Dairy Science Department, and Department Head Bruce Golden instructed the students to remove the word “dairy” from the event title and “take corrective action,” Momburg said. Jaster and Golden did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In an e-mail provided to New Times, Associate Director of Student Life and Leadership Stephan Lamb contacted all the Dairy Club officers to arrange a meeting regarding the Facebook posting.

“Please know as officers of the club you may be held individually responsible to the university for the violation of campus policies and procedures, state law, and city ordinances regarding minors in possession [of alcohol],” he wrote.

The page also advertised that “the liquor will be flowing.”

Said one of the event admins, “We have offended some people and we thought it was best to cancel it instead.”

Read the full story in the May 13 issue of New Times.




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