Cal Poly fees are going up again



Cal Poly fees will be going up 8 percent next fall. The tuition hike will increase every student’s bill by $630 per year.

This should come as no surprise to anyone following the rising costs of public higher education in California. Fees have jumped from a little more than $5,000 three years ago to $7,921 this year. Cal State universities used to be free, a fact that might startle new students.

The decision for higher fees was made by the California State University Trustees behind closed doors; protesting students in Long Beach made such a ruckus the trustees went into a back room to increase the fees.

The California State Student Association, a collection of student representatives from all the Cal State campuses, is fighting the fee increases tooth and nail. With the state budget shrinking, it will likely be an uphill fight.

“Funding higher education is not only the ‘right’ thing to do, but disinvesting in higher education puts all Californians in jeopardy,” states the Student Association’s campaign manifesto. “If fewer Californians can access college, then our workforce will be less prepared in the future.”

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