Cal Poly takes Greeks off social probation



Fraternities and sororities at Cal Poly were officially removed from an almost three-month-long social probation on April 17, according to university administrators.

The probation began on Jan. 13, and was prompted by three reported sexual assaults involving fraternities in the span of three months. Subsequently, Cal Poly Greek life student leaders created the STATUS (Students Taking Action Towards University Safety) plan to address the prevalence of sexual assault at Greek gatherings. That plan went into effect on April 17.

“We challenged our students to take responsibility for leading this effort because we believed that real cultural change within their organizations is best achieved by solutions coming from the students themselves,” Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong said in a statement. “I believe our students have created a plan that can result in positive change.”

Armstrong approved the STATUS plan on March 23 and all Greek chapter presidents submitted their signatures on April 17, which was the final step that triggered the probation’s end.

According to a campuswide email sent by Dean of Students Jean DeCosta and Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey on April 17, the STATUS plan “offers a solid foundation of proactive education efforts that aim at reducing the number of cases concerning sexual violence on our campus.” The email also stated that the 19-page plan “promotes healthy social interactions and empowers students to take action in changing the culture.”

As for the criminal side of the three reported sexual assault incidents—which allegedly occurred on Oct. 31 and Dec. 6 of 2014 and Jan. 10 of this year—Assistant District Attorney Lee Cunningham previously told New Times that none of the reported assaults will result in criminal charges.

Cunningham said there was “insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt” for the Oct. 31 and Jan. 10 incidents, and law enforcement was never involved with the Dec. 6 incident.

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