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Caleb Lawrence was on point

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I couldn't agree more with Caleb Lawrence ("Find a new writer, New Times," Aug. 17). I also respect your coverage of local issues and cannot understand why you give Al Fonzi an ongoing platform for his denial of scientific evidence of climate change and his sometimes ill-informed opinions on other issues. Most recently he put forth an explanation of the situation in North Korea in which he adopted his usual tone, as though he's privy to inside information because he used to be in the Army. In the same column, Fonzi commented on the "full-scale riot" in Charlottesville, caused by "two extremist groups" ... "both of which came armed and looking for a fight." That is not an accurate description of what happened. Lawrence is right—Fonzi gets way too much space in your publication, way too often. Surely you can find other writers with a conservative perspective, and when you do publish a piece by him you can challenge blatant untruths in an editorial comment.

Judy Cleary



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