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California citizens far and wide, HELP!

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Call the governor today asking him to veto SB 649 (the cell tower bill) at (916) 445-2841! It becomes law if not vetoed by Sunday, Oct. 15. This bill passed mid-September in spite of bi-partisan opposition. California spoke out against this bill (more than 250 cities, 47 counties). It gives authority to the wireless industry to saturate our neighborhoods without local oversight and at the expense of serious health issues. Firefighters were exempted from SB 649 due to a study showing abnormal SPECT brain scans in a group of California firefighters that resulted in cognitive impairment from cell tower emissions of 1/1000th of the FCC limit. Cancer clusters and a myriad of health issues have been recognized near cell towers worldwide. This level of constant radiation is potentially dangerous for all, but especially for the unborn, the children, the infirmed, the elderly, the disabled, the bees, certain pets, and wildlife. Aren't our laws supposed to protect us?

Linda Ikeda



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