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Cambria does not have too many cats


I live in Cambria. One of my cats died yesterday. She was 13 years old and I had her for her entire life. I have four cats left. If one of them is eaten by a mountain lion I will be very sad. And no, I don't have too many cats already. I have saved every one of them from the pound.

What were you thinking when you put that survey on your main page (www.newtimesslo.com)? We have too many cats in Cambria already? Give me a break. This is the first time I have seen your paper bash any group of people. We live in Cambria, big deal. What is the problem here? Is everyone so jealous of that fact that they have to resort to bashing us on your web site?

And if I do lose a cat, or my dog, to a mountain lion, I hope you don't laugh about that too.


John Gorman


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