Cambria Health District tax to go on November ballot



The Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD) unanimously approved putting a parcel tax measure on the Nov. 6 ballot at a June 13 special meeting.

The estimated tax per parcel would be $35.04, which will be used for capital assets, ambulances, buildings, and equipment. If the measure is approved by a two-thirds vote in November, the estimated total tax collected per year is $236,800.

Shirley Bianchi, secretary of the district board of trustees, brought an amended version of the parcel tax to the table to ensure the community that the funds will go straight to equipment and the district facility.

"I would assume that those who opposed any taxes for any reason may make the same complaints referencing the CCHD parcel tax as they did the fire tax," Bianchi said.

The Cambria community voted against a fire tax in the June 5 primary election. Measure A-18, a tax of $62.15 per parcel owner, would have maintained current staffing levels at its fire department.

Bianchi said that to avoid any confusion, her amendments to the health tax measure clearly state that the parcel tax shall not go to any salary or benefit increases to an employee or district board stipend.

If the parcel tax is approved by the voters, it will have a sunset of six years. Without the parcel tax, the district will not have adequate funding to replace aging ambulances or to repair, maintain, and upgrade district facilities. Δ

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