Cambria wants its skatepark back



The recent removal of the Cambria skatepark on Main Street is causing some residents to ask for its return.

Buddy Campo, 34, told New Times that he's been a resident of Cambria his whole life and remembers the park being in constant use.

"They recently tore it down, in the last six months, and like everybody that I talk to, we all thought it was going to be rebuilt," Campo said.

He said there aren't a lot of recreation options for the younger community in Cambria and to see the skatepark go is disappointing.

In an effort to show the Cambria Community Services District that the community still wants a skatepark, Campo created a petition on that had 816 signatures as of press time.

District board member Amanda Rice said the board discussed the skatepark and its need for repairs—the ramps needed maintenance, new cement, and other repairs—about a year ago.

"We've been calling as a board, and the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Commisssion has been trying to raise some interest, for at least a year, in somebody either taking over the maintenance or willing to partner with the district because we don't have the money," Rice said.

The skatepark was in a central location downtown she said, so when it was being torn down because it became a hazard, the community finally noticed.

The board discussed moving the skatepark to East Ranch near the dog park but there just weren't "any takers," she said.

"Apparently we failed in our outreach, and we tried, but there's only so much you can do," Rice said.

For now, the district board directed the community members at the March 12 district meeting to work with the PROS Commission on how to move forward with the issue at hand.

Rice said there isn't a timeline yet for raising funds, getting the rebuild project going, or relocating the park. Δ

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