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Can we put partisan politics to the side?


It's been a couple of days since I attended the Adam Hill/Stacy Korsgaden debate along with many other constituents in a packed house with standing room only.

After listening to both candidates, I carefully considered their answers to the issues presented by our New Times moderator. Rather than add to the commentaries already out there in the media, here is what I heard about their individual approach to solving the problems we face as SLO County citizens:

Stacy Korsgaden stated over and over that she would disregard partisan politics and listen to every citizen's point of view regarding the issues faced by the county.

Adam Hill said that when he took his office 12 years ago he could get whatever he wanted done easily. But with the political makeup of the current board it is difficult to get things done.

I've read several articles posted by our local news agencies about the debate and was pleased to see they have been accurate and nonpartisan.

My wish for this new year is for all of us to be able to put partisan politics aside and make quality decisions in our lives and in our county.

Jim Clark

Grover Beach

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